Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, 9/21 - The Future of Primary Care

UPDATE, 9/17:

Member Justin Mutter recommends two articles on innovation in the delivery of primary care:
"Community Care of North Carolina: Putting Health Reform Ideas into Practice in Medicaid"
"Practice Redesign And The Patient-Centered Medical Home: History, Promises, And Challenges"


Hello friends,

Next Tuesday, the 21st, there will be a talk entitled "The Future of Primary Care in Academic Medicine" at noon in the MEB 3rd floor auditorium, and lunch will be served.

Needless to say, Pranay and I thought this would be a great opportunity for our group to learn about an important issue in health policy (and also be fed). So we are moving our regularly-scheduled discussion on Rationing to Tuesday the 28th.

But fret not if you really wanted to scratch that itch for health-economical issues, for here are a few articles to go with the lunch-lecture on The Future of Primary Care in Academic Medicine. It looks like a lot, but most of them are quite short and you can glean their point just from the headlines.

"Primary-Care Doctor Shortage May Undermine Reform Efforts" by Ashley Halsey III

"Delivering Better Primary Care" by Pauline Chen

"Increased primary-care interest not enough to affect physician-shortage trend" by Debra Beaulieu

"Doctors’ Hours Fall for a Decade, Adding to a U.S. Shortage" by Pat Wechsler

"Study: Primary Care Career Wealth Gap Totals Over $2.5 Million" by Shirley S. Wang

"General internists leaves practice sooner than internal medicine subspecialists, says ACP survey" (

As always, your comments, articles, topic suggestions, and everything else are very welcome.


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