Discussion Topics

Here we'll keep an ongoing list of discussion topics brainstormed by our members.

Medical Autonomy / Informed Consent
Health care in other countries
Health care in the developing world
Health care and poverty
Medical malpractice
Organ markets
Genetic engineering
Stem cell research (embryonic)
Research on humans (e.g. Unit 731)
Ethics of Clinical Trials
Ethics of rationing
The Health Reform bill
Usage of expensive treatments/tests
Use of placebos
Hospice and end-of-life care
The primary care problem
Tort reform
Defensive medicine
Constitutionality of HCR
Medicine and gender (hermaphroditism, sex changing)
Conflicts of interest
HIPAA violations (when are they justified?)
Effect of industry (tobacco, HFCS, pharma)
Gene sequencing
Physician-assisted suicide