Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bioethics/Health Policy Club: Gender Pay Gap in Medicine, 12-1pm on 9/12 in Learning Studio

Hello everyone!

The Bioethics/Health Policy Club, in collaboration with the Women in Medicine Club, invites you to attend our first discussion of the year on the topic of the Gender Pay Gap in Medicine. This event will be held on Thursday, 9/12 from 12-1pm in the Learning Studio. A limited amount of pizza and cookies will be provided to attendees.

We are honored to have the presence of two faculty experts on the issue at this event: Dr. Susan Pollart, who works on women's issues at the AAMC, and Dr. Sharon Hostler, who serves on UVA's Committee on Women in Medicine.

Subject areas that we hope to cover include the evidence for a pay gap, the proposed explanations for a pay gap, and solutions to the pay gap. Please join us for a respectful and informative discussion on this important issue!


The Bioethics/Health Policy Club
Austin Sim, Mazvita Simoyi, Danielle Carroll, Long Vinh

The Women in Medicine Club
Molly Davis, Melissa Ogden, Olivia Moskowitz, Veronica Sudekum

Hi everyone,

This is just a friendly reminder that the Bioethics/Health Policy Club and the 1920 Society will be hosting a discussion on the Gender Pay Gap in Medicine from 12-1pm in the Learning Studio tomorrow, 9/12. We will be joined by Drs. Susan Pollart and Sharon Hostler, and limited pizza and cookies will be available for attendees.

In preparation for this discussion, we recommend reviewing two articles related to the issue:
1. JAMA: Trends in the Earnings of Male and Female Health Care Professionals in the United States, 1987 to 2010 (Sep 2013)
2. Health Affairs: The $16,819 Pay Gap For Newly Trained Physicians: The Unexplained Trend Of Men Earning More Than Women (Feb 2011)

(If you don't have time to read anything else, take a quick look at the Discussion section of the Health Affairs article, which may surprise you).
Lastly, if you're interested in bioethics and/or health policy, want a copy of notes from the meeting, or wish to be notified of future smaller-scale events like Bioethics Bar Nights, let me know and I'll add you to our email list.